205 Live Review – July 10, 2018: Championship vs. Respect


This week’s 205 Live emanated from Manchester, NH, and saw the third title defense for Cedric Alexander since becoming champion in April. Also, Lio Rush was in action, as well as Tony Nese taking on Kalisto. How did this show compare to others? Read on to find out.

Kalisto vs. Tony Nese

Accompanied by the Lucha House Party, Kalisto strutted to the ring, set to take on Tony Nese. Sensing a numbers disadvantage, though, Nese did not come alone, either. In his corner for the match was his training partner RONDA ROU- oh wait, that’s Natalya’s thing. It was Buddy Murphy. The former number one contender to the Cruiserweight Champion, while not evening the odds in terms of pure numbers, provided an intimidating presence for the bout, as he attempted to offset the antics of LHP.

Unfortunately for the man with 1100 abs (no exaggeration), Nese’s training partner ended up costing him the match. After a pretty solid opener, Murphy was distracted by LHP’s noise making things and, understandably, wanted to shut the group up. Nese would come out to stop Murphy from getting involved, but Kalisto hit a dive to the outside on the now vulnerable ‘Premiere Athlete.’ Outraged, Buddy Murphy attacked Kalisto, causing the DQ, before brawling with the rest of the Lucha House Party.

Result: Kalisto def. Tony Nese via DQ

Again, this was a fine opener with a good post-match angle. The scrap was believable, especially when it was Murphy and Metalik. Kalisto gets the win, but Nese doesn’t look weaker for taking the loss. This was alright.