Botches Of The Week #4


1. Side Effects Include: Losing On Raw Every Week


What happened to The Revival? At one time they had a shot at being one of the best tag teams in the world but then they both died and replaced with inferior wrestlers who looked similar. Wilder had his hopes dashed for a win against The B-Team next week by managing to land on Matt Hardy after taking a Side Effect. Don’t worry guys, it’ll be 2016 again soon.

2. Joshi’s Island

This is from er (*pretends to know Female Japanese Wrestling*) the famous Seadlinnng company from somewhere in Japan. Famous wrestler Dude Who Lost Match isn’t thrilled with the loss to Pink Dude and takes a Titus on the way to the back while the guys from Gogglebox watch in the corner.


Now we head to Perth in this internationally flavoured edition of Desperately Trying To Fill Five Botches In A Dead Week for EPW, a fine company in Western Australia. Sadly this guy’s going east.

4. steveaustintheme.wav

Right, having to go old school this week. Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle from KOTR ’01 kind of counts as it got discussed on last week’s Table For Three, revealing the set was so close to the opening pyro for the show that they couldn’t use sugar glass or they would have smashed during the opening seconds of the PPV. Hence why it took poor Angle several attempts to hurl poorer Shane through the harder-than-Meng substance. But having said that, say ”Angle vs. Shane” to older fans and this will be the first thing they think of so kudos.


And finally, we leave you with Jinder Mahal getting speared through a ”wall” which definitely wasn’t two bits of cardboard in front of a disused corridor. All rooms have no lighting and no visible method of entering. This slightly surreal scene from this week’s Raw would have been complete with the chime from Legend of Zelda letting Roman Reigns know he’s found a secret room with treasure chests and rupees.


That’s all I’ve got this week, sorry for the lack of er everything, but that’s the risk when you’re relying on other people’s footage. Take care and follow me on Twitter, I’m better there.