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ROH Selling Out MSG

Two weeks ago, ROH and New Japan announced they’d be running their joint G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden, becoming the first non-WWE promotion to host a wrestling event there since the 1920s.

It was a bold move, with ROH and New Japan gambling against the biggest wrestling promotion in the world on their home turf on WrestleMania weekend. And despite WWE initially trying to get the event pulled, the joint show appears to already be a risk worth taking, with Post Wrestling’s John Pollock tweeting a statement from ROH COO Joe Koff: “”We are currently 60% sold with general public for sale on Friday!”

With 15,000 tickets put on sale for the event (5,000 more than September 1st’s All In, that means 60% is… divide by Samoa Joe’s 33 ⅓ % chance of winning at Sacrifice… 9,000 tickets – and that’s just the internet presales number, with the rest of tickets going on general sale tomorrow.

The show is now fully expected to be a sellout, which WWE haven’t managed at Madison Square Garden since October 2015. And if the Supercard does shift all 15,000 tickets, Dave Meltzer points out “This will become the first pro wrestling event ever held in North America to do a $1 million gate that wasn’t promoted by Vince McMahon.”

Which I’m sure he’s taking really rationally and is just happy to have a thriving wrestling business scene again. 

Hey, at least he’s got a Brock Lesn-oh no wait, he’s leaving for UFC.