10 Amazing Wrestling Moments That Were Complete Accidents

2 years ago by Adam Blampied

10 Amazing Wrestling Moments That Were Complete Accidents

SPOILER ALERT, wrestling matches are planned. I know, I’ll give you a few seconds to deal with the fallout of that bombshell. On we go.

See wrestlers are strong, here’s some, and if you don’t plan matches then someone’s going to get accidentally punched in the face or dick or worse.

But as the well-known Rabbie Burns saying goes, “the best-laid schemes o mice and men sometimes see accidental wrestling happening as well and most of the time it’s real bad but occasionally it’s lightning in a bottle amazing. Och.” Great phrase, thanks Rabbie.

Wrestling History is full of accidentally amazing Moments like Batista and Cena eliminating each other at Royal Rumble 2005 and Vince’s legs exploding, but also not that one because if I have to talk about that moment again I’m going to run into the sea. Different ones.

I’m Adam, hailing from partsFUNknown and here are 10 Amazing Wrestling Moments That Were Complete Accidents

10. The Cobra Commander 

Well, this is a gimmick you couldn’t do today huh. Throughout the 80s before animal rights were a thing, Jake Roberts used to bring a wholesome snake called Damien to the ring.

Damien would regularly change shape, color, and species because he was a magical snake, wrestling. Despite Damien being Robert’s main pet, Jake would introduce a new reptilian playmat in 1991 called Lucifer, leading to a wonderfully nightmarish moment in Robert’s feud with Macho Man.

On a November episode of superstars, Roberts tied Savage up in the ropes and taunted him with the king cobra which proceeded to clamp down on Savage’s arm and stay there.

It actually ended up staying latched on Macho for much longer than intended and the image of Robert trying to yank the snake off while it held on to Savage’s arm created one of the most frightening yet iconic moments in either man’s career.

Sad fact, the snake has been devenomized, so Savage was ok, but the snake ended up dying less than two weeks after the incident, leading Savage to joke afterwards that the snake had been poisoned by him.

9. The Rock Thanks You For That

The Rock n’ Sock Connection are a very recognizable dynamic, being the living embodiment of “can I go out? Ok, but take your little brother with you.”

The Rock was cool, Mankind was not, but Mankind worshipped The Rock and The Rock tolerated him. Their on and off again bromance created a number of great moments, the ‘this is your life’ moment, the double people’s elbow that won them the tag championships, and of course, this little unscripted gem.

On the September 2 episode of Smackdown in 1999, The Rock and Sock were cutting a promo the week after winning the tag belts, The Rock hit his catchphrase, if you smell… you know the one, but before he could finish it his sunglasses flew off his face.

After a small awkward moment, Mankind the ever-delightful to sub to Rock’s inscrutable dom, picked up the glasses and handed them to him, with Rock issues a small, but delightfully human “The Rock thanks you for that” before continuing on his promo.

It’s sadly cut from the finished broadcast, but it’s a lovely little character moment between good reasonably good buds.

8. Titus O’Neil Kissed The Ground On The Lips

Titus O’Neil is a genuinely very lovely man who does genuinely very lovely things, but hot damn is it fun to make fun of him for stuff, whether it’s was fist-in-mouth cringeworthy pirate stag gone wrong at WrestleMania, the super weird thing that happened between him and Vince REMEMBER THAT? GOD IT WAS WEIRD and, of course, Titus Worldslide.

To be honest, it’s just nice to hear Michael Cole genuinely laugh for once, you forget he’s a real person sometimes.

So it’s the Greatest Royal Rumble, Titus runs down, his feet stay behind and gravity gives him the 3D, pitching him straight under the ring like he’d just been eaten by Kirby.

Seriously though, there’s a metal ring support in the middle of the apron, Titus misses it by inches, turning what could have been a nasty injury, into the one of the stupidest, but gut-achingly funny moments of the last 10 years.

It is his legacy, and that’s both very sad and very nice.

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