10 Batista Matches You Have To Watch

3 months ago by Brian Joyce

10. Batista vs. The Undertaker – Cyber Sunday 2007

I’ll be honest, The Undertaker is probably going to pop up on this list a few times. By the time 2007 rolled around Batista had some serious doubters. He had not had a good 2006 and his position as the top guy on SmackDown was being doubted by fans. The Undertaker changed that. In 2007, they had five matches. One of the most solid was this match from Cyber Sunday.

Big Dave was the World Heavyweight Champion going in and Steve Austin was the referee. Their matches had involved a number of stipulations from Steel Cage to Last Man Standing and soon a Hell in a Cell match. This was simply a wrestling match and it was top notch. After a strong back-and-forth battle, Undertaker fell to the Batista Bomb, marking one of the biggest wins of Batista’s career.


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