10 Best Rey Mysterio Matches Ever

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Best Rey Mysterio Matches Ever WWE

Rey Mysterio is the greatest Luchadore of all time, and it’s not even slightly close. Well maybe La Parka. But other than that, when you consider how good Rey Rey has been for how long he’s been that good, there’s no one else that can boast the legacy that the master of the 619 has. Although the less said about that time in WCW when he had actual devil horns on his head, the better. Not a strong look.

Whether it’s in ECW, WCW, AAA, WWE, New Japan or hell, even WCPW, that match he had with Will Ospreay was a bloody corker, wherever he jumps out the sky, he tends to leave at least one all-time great behind. He is a very good wrestler, and thoroughly deserves to be on the cover of 2k22, who’ve kindly sponsored this video to come out in conjunction with 2k22, hitting stores March 8th. But if we’re completely honest, any excuse to talk about some of these matches, we will gladly take, but they honestly do, hit different.

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