10 Best WWE Set Designs That Are Not From WrestleMania

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

10 Best WWE Set Designs That Are Not From WrestleMania

Set designs have come and gone over the years at WWE, with some of the most extravagant ones being saved for the grandest stage of them all.

However, considering the rumors that WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw might be getting a stage redesign it might be time for Paul Heyman to look back into the history of WWE’s stage designs and take some inspirations.

Here’s some pages from that history book that he may want to highlight.

10. In Your House 1995

In Your House was a unique kind of Pay-Per-View. The idea with the first one was that a random person watching the event could (and did) actually win a house, which was a pretty big deal at the time.

The set design of the event showed that with a main house as a Titantron and a garage where the wrestlers entered from.

The premise was simple, but it was a good set design for what it was.

9. Armageddon 2007

An empire crumbling down as the end of the world has arrived. That was the idea behind the Armageddon theme and the set design shows.

Having a decrepit castle filled with holes and lava lights was symbolic of a kingdom falling to the ground.

When you saw the stage, you knew the end was near.

8. Night Of Champions 2008

Pageantry and prestige. Those two words perfectly describe the set design for Night Of Champions.

When you see the set design it looks like you’re in a hall of fame, where every championship is proudly displayed and honored.

This event, aside from WrestleMania, was where champions were made.

7. New Years Revolution 2007

It has a fire breathing dragon. What more needs to be said about it?

6. SummerSlam 2008

SummerSlam 2008’s theme was all about summer blockbusters.

It was a refreshing change of pace after countless SummerSlam’s all had themes about beaches and the hot sun.

The set design looks like you’re about to enter a high end movie theater, set to watch some incredible blockbuster films that’ll leave you speechless.

What was a nice little touch about this stage was that the marquee screen in the middle changed depending on the match that was happening.

5. Cyber Sunday 2007

Cyber Sunday was all about embracing technology and the power we, as fans, had on this night.

The set itself was a large almost iMac looking computer screen with accompanying brain and a keyboard on the floor.

The theme of technology was everywhere in the Pay Per View and no where was that more obvious than with this awesome stage design.

4. One Night Stand 2007

On a night where there were only Extreme Rules, One Night Stand 2007’s stage hit that message home.

Construction equipment and tools and tools of destruction were almost everywhere you look, with ladders covering the outside of the Titantron.

This stage gave the impression that chaos was about to ensue.

3. Backlash 2001

Moving set pieces are always a neat little touch to any set. The swinging hooks from Backlash 2001’s set was a nice little touch to a simple, yet effective stage design.

2. King Of The Ring 2001

King Of The Ring’s set from 2001 was massive and awe inspiring at first glance.

A larger than life electric chair with the letters K O R on the back of it, a screen at the foot of the chair on the back as well as two bigger screens at each armrest, and the iconic glass panes on each side at the bottom meant this was one of the most extravagant non-WrestleMania stages in WWF history.

1. The Smackdown Fist

It’s iconic, it’s memorable, it’s the stage virtually everyone wants to bring back.

This iconic stage had the WWF/WWE logo at the top with the legendary fist punching below it, as shards of glassy set pieces are scattered throughout the side giving it the hard hitting feeling we came to expect from WWE during this era.

With two screens on each side and a dome at the bottom, looking at this set punching through the SmackDown logo during the intro meant you were in for some real exciting television.

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