10 CM Punk Matches You Need To Watch

7. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy – SummerSlam 2009

We mentioned earlier that CM Punk’s run as Mr. Money in the Bank in 2009 proved fruitful. Well, here is the proof.

During his very successful rivalry with Jeff Hardy, things peaked with a TLC match in the main event of SummerSlam.

In theory, main eventing SummerSlam is a big deal and it certainly felt like it with these two having the best rivalry of the year. They capped it off with this classic TLC match, a match that stood as the best one-on-one TLC match for seven years.

This was the rivalry that cemented Punk’s place as a main eventer and this match was a great way to end it.

6. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar – SummerSlam 2013

cm punk brock lesnar

CM Punk had a hell of a year in 2013. Despite being admittedly miserable during this time, this was maybe the best calendar year Punk had as an in-ring performer in WWE.

Punk’s peak in 2013 may have been his SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar.

His match with Lesnar was an Extreme Rules match and it was one of the best matches of either man’s career.

Punk’s rivalry with Paul Heyman lasted through most of the year but this was the best match of the program. Punk and Lesnar had great chemistry together and their match was voted WWE’s match of the year.

5. CM Punk vs. Austin Aries – ROH Death Before Dishonor III

There is a lot that went into this match. Word had broken that CM Punk was leaving Ring of Honor to go to WWE and this match with Austin Aries was meant to be his farewell match. Or so fans thought.

In reality, this epic clash over the Ring of Honor World Championship was the start of Punk’s final ROH storyline. Punk wrestled this match as the babyface with fans emotionally pleading for him to stay.

The match itself is unbelievably great. They had such a classic title match with everyone desperately wanting Punk to finally capture the title.

Much to their surprise and joy, Punk managed to defeat Aries with the Pepsi Plunge and win his only ROH World title. Then, things changed. Punk cut a promo eerily similar to his famous pipebomb promo, revealing himself to be a heel and to have fooled all the brainless fans.

He stayed with the company for a short time longer, dropping the title to Roderick Strong and having his actual farewell match with Colt Cabana.

4. CM Punk vs. John Cena – Raw (February 25, 2013)

When asked what match he was most proud of, CM Punk said this match. After his 434 day WWE Championship reign, Punk was fighting to earn his way into the WrestleMania main event.

In the main event of Raw on February 25, 2013, Punk and John Cena had one of the best matches in Raw history.

Punk has been open about his frustrations during this period but that never stopped him from having great performances.

This match is remembered for Punk hitting Cena with a piledriver but the match as a whole is fantastic. Although Punk was unable to come away with the win, he still had a chance at history at WrestleMania.

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