10 Finishers You Forgot Famous Wrestlers Had

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Finishers You Forgot Famous Wrestlers Had WWE

FINISH. HIM. Yeah if you really think about it the concept of a finishing move really doesn’t make much sense, does it? Would you really want your best offensive weapon to be easily recognizable and therefore easier to prepare for? That, of course, is ignoring the absurdity involved in naming a pre-existing move after yourself because wrestlers are all a bunch of self obsessed hosers.

No no that’s a reverse DDT. THIIIS is the Mizard of Oz. But if you can get past the bizarre concept of a finishing maneuver you can really appreciate how awesome a great finisher can be. The Superkick or RKO hitting out of nowhere, the finality of a Tombstone or One Winged Angel, the best finishers can add so much to a match… BUT that’s NOT what we’re talking about here!

While nearly everyone on this list would eventually end up with one of those excellent finishers, there have been a fair few duds as well. Maybe they changed finishers when moving to a new brand, maybe to differentiate themselves in a new promotion, or maybe they were just plain crap. 

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