10 FTR Matches You NEED To Watch

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

10 FTR Matches You NEED To Watch


10. The Revival vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass – WWE Roadblock

For years, FTR has called themselves the best tag team in the world. These are ten of the matches where they have made their case.

While their match at NXT Takeover: London could also have made it onto this list but this showcase just eeked it out. It was not often that NXT matches would be features on main roster shows but this was an exception. At WWE’s Roadblock special in Toronto, The Revival took on Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

While Enzo and Cass were never particularly good workers, they mixed quite well with The Revival. Their fun-loving characters was in perfect contrast to the no-nonsense attitudes of The Revival. NXT wasn’t as popular as it is now so they had to win over the crowd but by the end they managed to do it.

9. The Revival vs. American Alpha – NXT Takeover: The End

Many people talk about The Revival’s match with American Alpha in Dallas (don’t worry we’ll get to it) but not as many bring up the sequel. At NXT Takeover: The End, The Revival got their rematch for the NXT Tag Team titles. While not quite as spectacular as their first match, this was still an excellent tag team match.

We didn’t know it at the time but this was essentially the end of American Alpha in NXT. The Dallas match was flashier but this one was grounded and more technical. The Revival continued to define themselves by their fantastic Takeover matches and this was another in their series of classics.

8. The Revival vs. DIY vs. Authors of Pain – NXT Takeover: Orlando

This was an interesting match, to say the least. NXT Takeover: Orlando is one of the least talked about Takeover shows despite having some great matches. This was one of them. The Revival and DIY had been feuding for the previous six months and the Authors of Pain had ripped the tag titles away from them. Now, all three teams would battle to decide the best team in NXT.

DIY was eliminated first in this elimination match, leaving The Revival and the Authors of Pain. This seemed to be an odd decision given both teams were heels but this was almost certainly done to give The Revival a babyface sendoff. This remains one of their best matches and it was their final match in NXT before being called up. We should have known it would be the last great match we would get from them for a while.


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