10 Funniest “So Bad They’re Good” Promos

10 Funniest “So Bad They’re Good” Promos wwe

Talking, eh? What’s that all about?

Putting a number of sounds together in recognisable sequences to convey information, emotion, an idea. The ability of a good promo might actually be more important to the art of wrestling than wrestling itself. A good promo sells tickets, a good promo makes a star, a good promo puts your butt in the seat, and ultimately, if two wrestlers wrestle in the woods and there’s no one around to see it, then honestly how much longer can IMPACT stay in business? That was mean.

History is full of amazing promos cut by amazing talent, some that even have revolutionised how wrestling can be presented in the modern age, hi Colt Cabana how are you in fact doing. And then there’s bad promos, poorly delivered, boring, a waste of everyone’s time, and there’s the item off the secret menu, the wrestling promo that’s so bad, so gloriously awful, that it goes full circle and becomes iconic in its own way.

Honorable Mention – Shockmaster

Because honestly it’s one of the most over-mentioned promos in wrestling history, but how can a man cool-aiding himself into existence before landing on his vajazzled stormtrooper face and then lip-syncing a promo while desperately trying to wipe the egg from his face while some of the best wrestlers in NWA history and Sid stand around and try not to piss themselves, I mean how can that not at least poke its head around the corner and say hello, and then fall over?

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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