10 Funniest “So Bad They’re Good” Promos

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey


9. Luther Reigns Has Had Peas Before

This one’s just WEIRD. You can cut promos on pretty much anything. You can cut a promo on a person, on an event, on an entire company. Luther Reigns once cut a promo on Thanksgiving. That’s no weird idea by itself, babyfaces celebrate a holiday, out comes a heel to tell everyone why the holiday sucks, reliable heat.

On an episode of SmackDown in November 2004, Luther Reigns interrupted a very Big Show Thanksgiving. Joy Giovanni made a giant buffet, in the middle of the ring no less, thanks Joy, all seemingly for the Big Show, who cuts an incredibly long promo and invites Tazz to come grab some pie. Luther Reigns, Roman Reigns’ older brother, and that’s absolutely true, trust me, came down and cut an impassioned promo about how when he grew up they didn’t have Thanksgiving.

So far, so fine, but then Luther gets into the ring and continues his promo, angrily telling Joy to fix him a Thanksgiving plate and its so funny. Like he’s still raging, but he’s also now demanding mashed potatoes, with the highlight of the promo being Reigns screaming into the mic, give me some of them peas, I’ve had peas before. Amazing. And I’ve looked it up and it’s true, Luther Reigns has in actual fact, had peas before.


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