10 Moments That LEGIT Made Wrestling Fans Cry

10 months ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Moments That LEGIT Made Wrestling Fans Cry AEW

Wrestling has its own language for the most common crowd reactions. When you say the name of the town the show you’re on is, that’s called a cheap pop. When the fans genuinely boo you, that’s referred to as heel heat. But then there’s that rarest of crowd reactions, one that I’ll have to coin the name for right now: the wet pop. Which also sounds like following through on a fart.

It’s when wrestling stories, matches or moments are so transcendent, many fans are moved to tears. But not me, Oli Davis. I would never cry at something so childish. I WAS JUST VERY, VERY SWEATY, OK.

Let’s all weep together, with 10 moments that legit made wrestling fans cry.

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