10 New Tag Teams WWE Should Consider Forming

4 years ago by Nate

10. Aiden English and Jack Gallagher

Gallagher is the Gentleman and Aiden is the crooner. Aiden’s best success in all of his runs were with a partner. Whether it was Rusev or Simon Gotch, he seems best when playing off of someone. Gallagher is too small to really be considered a guy WWE would push. I think they could have a nice blend of talent similar to what the Vaudevillains brought to the table.

I’m not sure these guys would ever be serious contenders for the belts, but could potentially get a gimmick tag team over with the crowd. I think fans would either love to cheer them or if they were obnoxious enough would be a fun team to boo. They both have charisma and are pretty solid in the ring, however they are both missing that special something to be considered a singles star.

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