10 News Stories You May Have Missed (Sept 26 – Oct 3)

10 News Stories You May Have Missed (Sept 26 – Oct 3)

And I guess that’s why they call it the news. Hello everyone, it’s the end of another week and what a week it’s been.

Roman teamed up with God to take on the lovechild of Satan and a salmon, NXT 2.0 continued to be a thing, and Goldberg announced his intention to actual IRL murder Bobby Lashley for daring to lay a hand on his son.

Those are all the big and very dumb and stupid stories from the week, but what about the smaller, slightly dumb and a little bit ridiculous stories from the week.

That’s why I’m around, I’m Adam from Wrestletalk and here are 10 News Stories You Might Have Missed.

10. Alexa Bliss’ Surgery

Alexa Bliss has had a strange 2021 hasn’t she? Originally teaming with Bray Wyatt, she then turned on him at WrestleMania 37, featuring the black goo of doom coming out of her mouth while she sat on top of a giant jack in the box and no part of that sentence was made up.

After separating from Bray entirely, Alexa went on to introduce her doll Lilly, who could wink, hypnotise people, and was generally a spooky nuisance to all of Alexa’s opponents.

But at Extreme Rules 2021, in Alexa’s hometown, not only did she lose against Charlotte, Charlotte then beat her down in a post-match brawl, and ripped apart the Lilly doll, which Alexa cried about for about seven years.

This was done to write her off TV, with reports saying she would be off our screens for several months.

Now it’s been revealed why she needs these months off, as PWInsider is reporting that Alexa is going to be having sinus surgery.

So Alexa will be coming back with a half-mask like Sheamus did after his nose surgery? Will Lilly come back with her? Will Lilly wear a half-mask like Sheamus did after his nose surgery. Oh and also…

9. Sheamus’ Nose Surgery…Again

He’s doing it again, the mad lad. Clearly not content with having nose surgery the one time, Sheamus revealed on Twitter that he was going for a second round of nose surgery, calling himself the ‘2x WWE nose job champion’, and then posted a follow up tweet of him with a thumbs up post-surgery.

So if he came back with a half-mask last time, does that mean he’ll come back with a full mask this time?

Will he go for a nasal threepeat? How many does he have to have until he gets one for free?

Well at least Sheamus and Alexa Bliss are two of the only prominent Raw wrestlers to be out of action with an injury-

8. Randy Orton ‘Not Cleared’

Oh dear. Randy Orton missed last week’s episode of Raw, leaving Riddle to face AJ Styles in a stonker of a match.

Riddle made the very funny joke of looking to the skies and saying he missed him and he was thinking of him, but to be fair to Riddle, the fans had no idea where Orton was.

It was then revealed that Orton had not only missed Raw, but also a house show at the weekend, and now it’s been revealed by PWInsider that this is because Orton was ‘not cleared to perform’.

No word on whether this is an injury, Covid related or anything else, so whatever it may be, let’s hope Orton is ok, and he can make a speedy recovery.

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