10 NXT 2.0 Stars You Need To Watch

11 months ago by Muscle Man Malcolm

10 NXT 2.0 Stars You Need To Watch

Recently WWE decided to rebrand NXT to NXT 2.0 accompanied by a new theme, new look, and plenty of new faces.

WWE’s third brand started as a game show replacing ECW and became a developmental super indy, where names across the world would sign to put on some of the greatest matches in company history.

In the last two weeks, we’ve been introduced to new stars & many more will be debuting soon.

Here’s who we should keep our eyes on.

10. Harland

There are usually a few standouts when WWE announces a new group of signees.

Apart from the largest class in Performance Center history, Harland, formerly known as Parker Boudreaux, was one of the hottest free agents who had never stepped into the ring.

Catching the eye of Paul Heyman on social media, it’s almost difficult to hide the comparison between Boudreaux and Brock Lesnar. Even Jim Ross saw Boudreaux as a potential AEW signee.

Boudreaux has taken his social media buzz and rented space in the minds of every WWE fan.

Calling himself the Destroyer of Gods, posting teasers of his debut, Boudreaux plays a strong Twitter game when interacting with fans.

Posing in pictures with Eva Marie and hip-hop star, Rick Ross, without having a single televised segment he’s quickly become the most anticipated debut in NXT.

Once a right guard for UCF, he helped the Knights become nationally ranked in scoring, rushing, and total offense.

9. Elektra Lopez

The First Lady of Legado del Fantasma has made a lot of her fast-paced career. Originally trained by Damien Adams of New Jersey, Elektra Lopez made her in-ring debut in July 2018.

Appearing in ROH, WXW, and New York’s Outlaw Wrestling, Lopez made her first WWE appearance teaming with Kristen Stadtlander (AEW’s Kris Statlander).

The Brooklyn Belles challenged the Iiconics for the Women Tag Team Championship on SmackDown and she would also appear on Raw as Bobby Lashley’s ex-wife.

She would officially sign to WWE in February 2021, establishing herself in the women’s division as a viable asset.

A second-generation wrestler being the daughter of 1970’s enhancement talent Steve King, Elektra Lopez is carving out a spot for herself in a competitive division that’ll surely have a Women’s Championship at the end of the tunnel.

8. Trick Williams

A man whose punchlines hit so heavy, Trick Williams is the friend and hype man of Camelo Hayes.

Trick quickly established himself as Haye’s wingman reminding him that it’s impossible to be so great and so humble.

As far as Williams’ resume, he has his tricks up his sleeve. Real name, Matrick Belton the 27-year-old originally got into the wrestling business training at the CZW Wrestling Academy.

Before entering the ring, Belton was on the football field playing for the University of South Carolina and Hampton University. Belton also spent some time at the training camp for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Appearing as a henchman for Apollo Crews on SmackDown, Williams brings an outstanding level of confidence and swagger.

We haven’t seen much of in the ring yet but he truly has the gift of jab. The NXT Universe has a star among the horizon, and that’s all it is, and that’s all is gonna be!


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