10 Questions About The Women’s Tag Team Championship We NEED Answers To

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

2. What Will The Women’s Tag Team Championships Look Like?

Let’s ask the question we always ask when new championships are announced. What are these new belts going to look like?

Personally, I’d like to see an appropriately scaled down version of the men’s belts, but in white with gold plating instead of silver. A belt-following twitter account, @BeltFanDan, said back in July that the titles would be white, with a large WWE logo in the center flanked by gladiator helmets. He also implied that the plating would retain the same silver sheen as the current tag belts.

While everyone is expecting something mimicking the current tag belts, WWE could swerve us all with something either completely new or something older, resembling the original belts from the 80s.

What do you think the titles are going to look like? Let us know below.

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