10 Questions We NEED Answers To This Week (November 23)

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

10 Questions We NEED Answers To This Week (November 23)

Every week after watching wrestling almost every night, I’m always left with questions about why WWE and other promotions made one call or the other. These were the 10 questions that came to mind after watching the wrestling this week.

Who’s more annoying: Stephanie McMahon, or Baron Corbin?

Traditionally, I’ve been a fan of WWE authority figure storylines, even when they involve a McMahon or two. This week on Raw, we got to see Stephanie really stick it to Baron Corbin.

I can’t decide which of these two is annoying me the most right now. Is it Stephanie McMahon, who buries every wrestler she comes in contact with, all while entering to the most dated of all WWE themes? Or is it Baron Corbin, who is so wooden on the mic he could be replaced by Siri?

The sooner they are both off of my screen the happier this wrestling fan is going to be. Will Alexa Bliss swoop in and save us all?

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