10 Times Vince McMahon Lost His S**t On Camera

2 years ago by Adam Blampied

10 Times Vince McMahon Lost His S**t On Camera

Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the possessor of grapefruits, the genetic jackhammer, the Colonel Sanders of crazy meat, the prime minister of silly walks, the patron saint of hilarious nonsense, the eternal barnacle on the patience of the impatient, the biggest troll in the known universe, the worlds least convincing alien, what you would get if you committed billions of dollars to scientifically engineer the most republican, the ghost of ludicrous masculinity past, present and future, the lovechild of a ninja turtles villain and the sheer distillation of horniness, a million grampas screaming out in madness and never silenced, the chairman of the board, and the Donald’s favorite demon.

He’s mad, basically, is what I’m trying to say, an incredibly famous captain of industry, sailing a ship made of cruelty through the high seas of our neverending nightmares, and gosh look how weird he is.

This week we’re talking purely about Vince and Vince alone, casting a spotlight on all the times that Vince has lost his freakin’ mind whilst also having recording equipment pointed in his direction.

Some of these will be kayfabe, just for a bit of mad flavor to show just how silly his legacy is, but most will be real-life incidents of the mask slipping, and the times we stumbled across actual moments of madness in amidst all the storytelling, nuggets of gold in a storm of insanity. It’ll be fun.

I’m Adam hailing from partsFUNknown and here are 10 Times Vince Lost His Shit on Camera

10. DX Breaks Vince’s Limo – Raw (August 21, 2006)

Ok, we’ll start with kayfabe and one of Vince’s lesser-known freakouts, but also possibly his funniest.

The 2006 reunion of DX was moderately bad, it had some fun moments, like when Quadruple H-BK dressed up as Vince and Shane like they were on their way to the world’s sweatiest convention, but most of it was an overreliance on how funny the word cock was, some stuff featuring poop and just a whole lot of The Big Show’s whole ass, but this moment is wonderful.

On the August 21 episode of Raw, DX daubed their logo on Titan Towers, which already made Vince a very sad corporate panda indeed. 

However, right at the end of the episode, DX rigged the chairman’s limo to fall apart, the back wheels snapping off as they drove away, leading to a gut-busting full minutes of Vince grabbing his head and just wailing into the night air.

Waaaahh, WAAAAAAH, like the Penguin, but slightly less in touch with the common man.

He almost kills his limo driver, kicks the car over and over, all while yelling and yelling, I love it.

9. Vince McMahon Shoves Titus – After Raw (February 8, 2016)

Ok that our bit of fun out of the way, lets look at some real-life lack of composure now, and one of the most awkward wrestling moments in recent memory.

February 8, 2016’s episode of Raw should have gone down in history as a somber and bittersweet celebration of Daniel Bryan, where he shoot retired over health concerns, shedding tears, swelling emotions and driving the word grateful right into our collective hearts.

It should have been, but instead, wrestling fans remember it as the episode where Vince and Titus O’Neil come to blows LIVE on camera over the world’s silliest argument.

It makes zero sense from anyone’s perspective. Vince and his family are walking to the back through a sea of emotional wrestlers when Titus O’Neil reached out and grabs Vince by the arm, with the reason being, so the story goes, so that Vince could let Stephanie go first, chivalry and all that.

Vince is an emotional chap, more so than most, and the grab snaps him out of a maudlin fugue state and right into his fight or flight response, and Vince has no flight response.

He shoves Titus with all his might in front of an arena full of fans and promptly suspends him for 30 days, it’s ALL SO WEIRD, WHY DID ANY OF THIS HAPPEN. Don’t cross the boss, I guess.

8. Vince Loses His S**t On David Schultz – Tuesday Night Titans

Another moment of worked craziness from Vince, and another one lost in people’s memories, primarily because it comes from a time before the character of Mr. McMahon and Vince’s rapid plummet into the depths of wicked panto chicken.

Instead, this is a moment from way back in 1985 on an episode of Tuesday Night Titans, WWE’s incredibly silly talk show, full of cartoonish character segments and Vince interviewing wrestlers with the help of Lord Alfred Hayes, what would have happened if Bobby Heenan had been raised in Downton Abbey.

TNT was like Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge, but for wrestling, all the way down to a moment of a gun misfiring.

The episode we’re talking about is the TNT that aired February 28, 1985, and it’s already a weird show, Vince interviews female referee Rita Marie, the woman who would later leave the company and make very serious allegations about Vince himself.

Later in the ep, Vince would then interview Dr. D. David Schultz about the infamous moment he slapped John Stossel, before another segment, where Schultz shows Vince his collection of guns, one of which goes off and Vince absolutely loses his mind, shouting you stupid idiot over and over. 

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