10 Times Wrestling Fans Invaded The Show

10 Times Wrestling Fans Invaded The Show

Fans are allowed back into wrestling shows. Hooray, says wrestling promotions, come on in, before the fans immediately jump the barricades and rush the ring like dying men in the desert lunging for a glass of water.

Oh no, says wrestling promotions, we forgot how awful each and every one of you truly are. Don’t get me wrong, by an overwhelming margin, live fan attendance makes wrestling shows better, much better, good riddance Thunderdome you uncanny valley of digital puppets, but as we turn a pretty significant corner in how watchable wrasslin’s about to become, perhaps a quick reminder that fans aren’t always peaches and rainbows.

Basically, this list is a public service reminder for people to not be a dick. Which is secretly what all our lists are about. DON’T BE A DICK. I’m Adam hailing from partsFUNknown, and here are 10 Times Wrestling Fans Invaded The Show.

10. Judas In Your Head

So let’s start with the reason why we’re doing this list. Literally, AEW first Dynamite away from Daily’s Place, they set one foot out the door, and some self-aggrandizing helmet tries to rush the ring. This is why we don’t deserve nice things.

During a segment between Montel Jontavious Forter and his dad who really didn’t want to do all this on their one custody weekend a month, a fan hopped up onto the rampway, ripped off his shirt like he was ready to go 60 minutes, before immediately being grabbed by security. Jericho managed to throw a punch at the fan before he was removed.

To further complicate the story someone claiming to be the fan then took to Twitter tweeting at Jim Cornette claiming that he did it for him to prove that “wrestling is no longer a safe space for friends to dance around and play dress up.”

Getting terrifying vibes from that, to which Cornette responded by calling the fan a dips**t and blocking him. Lovely, well done everyone. Gold stars for humanity all around.

9. The Shield Reunites Kinda

So it’s not just glassy-eyed Kurt Angle, looking like he’s going trick or treating with his teenage kids who’d rather be at home, turns out anyone can join the Shield if they try hard enough and are willing to get yeeted into oblivion by six security guards called Big Malcolm.

At Night of Champions 2015, the Wyatt Family were scheduled to face off against Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and whomever’s inside the mystery box.

That turned out to be Chris Jericho, but before he made his entrance, a fan who looked just a little like Joey Mercury (I’m not saying it was Joey Mercury, I’m just asking questions) rushed into the ring wearing a black vest and fatigues, to stand alongside Roman and Dean before immediately getting blitzed.

It’s been cut from the Network, which makes sense but it also a bit of a shame as it means you can’t go back and watch Bray Wyatt’s amazing ad-lib, pointing at the departing fan, laughing and saying, ‘that your guy’?

Not to be outdone by his Shield brothers, Seth Rollins also found himself with fan backup that exact same month, just 2 weeks earlier on Raw, as a fan who looked like the Pichu to Fred Durst’s Pikachu hopped the rail and sauntered down the ramp with Rollins for a six-man tag, and props to Seth for no-selling it hilariously.

8. UK Fans Hit Rock Bottom

Ah it’s been a good few weeks to be a sports fan in the UK hasn’t it, as our footie fans repeatedly embarrassed themselves on the road to Euro Finals by turning Leicester Square into a tree-tossing warzone and trying to break into the fucking stadium, you stay classy England.

To prove that it’s not just football we lose all airs and graces for, fans rushed the ring during an episode of Smackdown in April 2015, wait a third one from 2015, was it the chinese zodiac year of the moron?

Actually no it was the year of the goat, which makes sense considering fans invaded during a Daniel Bryan match, see it’s all connected, the truth is out there.

The episode of Smackdown, filmed in London (oi oi apples and pears, have a banana), was main evented by a match pitting John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Fans (who actually turned out to be YouTubers from a prank channel called TrollStation) ran into the ring and fought each other, giving each other actually quite decent rock bottoms and brawling until they were removed.

Fun fact: that match turned out to be Daniel Bryan’s final match before he retired for three years. Again, not saying it was TrollStation’s fault, I’m just asking questions.

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