10 Times WWE Used Disgusting Tactics To Get Heat (Part 1)

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

10 Times WWE Used Disgusting Tactics To Get Heat (Part 1)

Bullying (2011)

The unusual relationship between Vince McMahon and Jim Ross has always been a source of fascination – and a degree of consternation – for fans. For years McMahon has been accused of mistreating the beloved commentator.

There are myriad examples of this: repeated attempts to replace him, mocking his Bell’s Palsy in storylines, ritually humiliating him whenever WWE is Oklahoma, mocking his accent and announcing style, making fun of his colon surgery in 2005 . . . the list goes on.

Why does McMahon do it? Nobody knows for sure. Perhaps it is because Ross comes from a “‘rassling” background that McMahon has no respect for. Maybe it is a Southern thing, which McMahon has shown many times in his actions is a source of repressed anger for him. Maybe he just gets a kick out of it.

During an episode of Raw from Oklahoma in 2011, Ross was fired on the air by John Laurinaitis. It soon came to light that Ross was completely blindsided by the firing, which was not in the script. What makes the situation even more uncomfortable is that Ross’ late wife Jan was in the crowd and had to watch the humiliation of her husband play out live.

For a company that was heavily promoting its anti-bullying policy at the time, it was an awful way to treat a man who has given his life to the industry.

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