10 Worst Elimination Chamber Matches Ever

10 Worst Elimination Chamber Matches Ever

It’s time for the Elimination Chamber, WWE’s second best use of pods outside whichever scientific vat they grew John Cena in. Look at his mad body, no mortal parents could.

In recent years, WWE have used the Elimination Chamber as a ‘break glass in case of bad booking’ way of shuffling people into place for their WrestleMania endgame, and this year seems no different, which is being anyone’s game who’s walking in Mania as WWE Champion at this point. Well it’s at least four people’s game, I don’t think it’ll be Lesnar or Theory, but bloody hell, Vince has done crazier things so WHO THE HELL KNOWS.

All in all, reasonably exciting, and while we’re in the Chamber mood, we were thinking about the best Elimination Chamber matches ever, but then we realised we already did that one, so hold up, let me work it, put my thang down flip it and reverse it. Here are the 10 WORST Elimination Chamber Matches Ever

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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