10 Wrestlers Who Accidentally Won Their Matches

8 months ago by Adam Blampied

10 Wrestlers Who Accidentally Won Their Matches

Everybody wants to win a match, but in pro wrestling you can’t always win a match, but sometimes accidents they happen just like that, and then the wrong wrestler can win a match. A SQUARE WITH A HORN, ok enough of that.

God isn’t live entertainment fun? Just about anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and in pro wrestling, sometimes that includes the wrong person winning an entire match. WHOOPSY.

See, professional wrestling referees, in order to avoid bum clenchingly AWFUL moments like, say, Earl Hebner stopping his own count at No Way Out 2001 because he forgot it was the finish, oh god no it’s so awful, referees are instructed to call the match like it’s a shoot, meaning if a wrestler forgets to kickout or something else goes wrong, tough turds cowboy, you done just lost yourself a wrasslin match.

And honestly, somehow it’s happened more often than you’d think. Here are 10 Wrestlers Who Accidentally Won Wrestling Matches

10. Emma – NXT Brooklyn Pre-Show 2015

The main event of a pre-show isn’t the worst place in the world to screw up, unless it’s the pre-show to the first time your promotion has played an arena, and also that pre-show is being filmed to air the week after the biggest show your promotion’s ever done.

Then it’s a bit of a whoopsy. In a fatal four-way match that saw Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Dana Brooke vs. Emma, I think it’s fairly safe to say that you know, considering Emma wasn’t about to appear at her first-ever SummerSlam, she might not have been supposed to win.

But that’s exactly what happened, the master of the weird kung fu crab dance hit the Emma-Mite Sandwich on Becky Lynch in the corner, pulled her in for a cover, 1-2…3?

Becky just straight forgot to kickout, leading to a confused Emma going, um, yay, commentary saying “wow, Emma’s new team with Dana Brooke must really be paying off, huh” and a THUNDEROUS look from Charlotte who was supposed to go over and a scramble to perform a quick closing double submission spot to put the faces over.

Team PCB they said to each other as they walked up the ramp, tensely.

9. Matt Hardy – ECW (August 12, 2008)

You know what move never wins a match, a f**king side effect. Matt Hardy could hit that move off the Empire State Building onto a bed of spikes and his opponent would still kickout at two.

Well, all except for one fateful night in August 2008 on an episode of ECW, when Matt Hardy and ECW Champ Mark Henry were teaming up to take on Miz and Morrison in a “can the champion and challenger co-exist” sort of deal that WWE will NOT STOP BOOKING.

Well turns out, yup, no issues at all when Hardy hit a top rope side effect to Morrison, covered him and JoMo kicked out a fraction after the referee’s hand hit the mat for a three.

First of all, look at the f**king mohawk the Miz was rocking during that match, great googly moogly.

Second, god bless Mark Henry’s little face, just standing on the apron, flabbergasted that the match is already over, as the ref rushes to tell everyone a closing spot to make this five-minute main event suddenly make sense.

8. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley – Raw (October 17, 2016)

Bayley debuted on the main roster the night after Summerslam 2016, so I’m gonna take a giant stab in the dark that Dana Brooke wasn’t supposed to beat her clean as a whistle in a random match, on a random episode of Raw two months later.

Whoopsy poopsy. Dana throws Bayley into the ring post, drags her back into the ring and goes to cover her.

Apparently what happens next is that Dana should have held down circle to perform a dirty pin, with her feet all up in the ropes so that the ref would break the count.

However, she’s too far away, can’t reach the ropes and instead the ref just counts it. Dana Brooke stays covering Bayley for a little bit, presumably to profusely apologize and then celebrates her win with total “I done f**ked up” in her eyes.


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