10 Wrestling Companies WWE Destroyed!

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

10 Wrestling Companies WWE Destroyed! WWE

You guys remember WCPW? That was a really weird old time in Adam’s life. Taking a powerbomb through a table, called by JR, before Rampage Brown ripped off his trousers and threw them so that they landed on Jim Cornette. What a weird and completely factual sentence.

So, a short while into WCPW’s life, while Joseph Conners was champ, NXT UK was announced and a bunch of wrestlers who regularly featured on their shows were offered contracts. Obviously they took them, bloody hell who wouldn’t, but those contracts precluded them from working in certain other UK promotions, promotions like, you guessed it, WCPW. Bang, there goes a significant part of their roster.

You can consider it a targeted attack if you’re feeling particularly tin-foil hatty, but it did get me thinking, where else has WWE either intentionally or accidentally exerted it’s veiny, sweaty influence to crush another promotion into the dust.

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