10 Wrestling Companies WWE Destroyed!

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey


10. World of Sport

Did WWE launch NXT UK to try and kill WCPW, almost definitely not. We’d like to think that we were the little promotion that could, puffing out our chests and stepping to the big dog, but no I don’t think WWE really cared about our YouTuber heavy indie fed.

Did WWE launch NXT UK to try and kill the 2016 reboot of World of Sport, the iconic UK wrestling platform that ran for 20 years from the mid 60s to the mid 80s and made household names out of Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks and others? Yes, that’s quite a bit more likely.

The British Wrestling scene was on fire in the mid2010s as a result of promotions like Progress, ICW, RevPro and the like. Could ITV have successfully capitalised on that to relaunch World of Sport as an enduring brand? Possibly, ITV’s generally a bit shit so it’s not a dead cert, but it certainly didn’t help when WWE descended and signed half of the BritWres scene to exclusive contracts that prevented them from working with companies like, I dunno… World of Sport.

Still thank goodness everyone watches NXT UK and it was absolutely worth cannibalizing the British Wrestling scene for.

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