10 WWE Alternate History Outcomes And Consequences

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

10 WWE Alternate History Outcomes And Consequences

It starts with a question.

It is in our nature to ask, “What might have been?” What if the stars had aligned one night, and the person we’d always wanted to win the championship actually won it? What if the wrestlers we know had risen to prominence earlier in their careers, later, or not at all? Consider what life might be like if only this or that had happened differently.

The last several months alone have seen the pro wrestling world in upheaval. The rise of AEW? Daniel Bryan turns heel? Roman Reigns steps away from the business due to Leukemia? Can any of this be real?

It follows that WWE fans, who have seen the best and worst of times lately, might find themselves dreaming about those endless wrestling possibilities.

These are 10 Alternate History Outcomes (and Consequences) in WWE.

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