10 WWE Stars Who Should Have Won A Royal Rumble (But Didn’t)

10 WWE Stars Who Should Have Won A Royal Rumble (But Didn’t)

Hello. My name is Tempest and I am an agent of the TVA. I’ve been sent here because there have been a number of disturbances in the sacred timeline. Disturbances very specifically relating to Royal Rumbles and people who were meant to win them.

As history passes and infinite possibilities are created across our multiverse each day, sometimes we have these Variants who wander from their assigned paths, paths that would have seen them win the Royal Rumble.

Some may have never been at the right place at the right time, others were the victim of booking malpractice and managerial negligence, but the one thing the following ten Variants have in common is they should all have won the WWE Royal Rumble.

It’s time to clean up the sacred WWE timeline and set things back on their proper course. I’m Tempest hailing from the TVA- I mean partsFUNknown, and these are 10 Stars who should have won the WWE Royal Rumble (but never did).

10. Andre The Giant

This list will be taken in a few directions over the next 8-12 minutes. I don’t know how much time is left, I’m merely writing a script. However, a few of the names chosen have been chosen to help give the legacy of the Royal Rumble a boost.

Having a long lineage of impressive winners is important to a match like this and the Rumble accomplishes this better than most. I mean the phrase “Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale winner Mojo Rawley” doesn’t exactly light a fire in my loins.

Now with that in mind, why did Andre The Giant, the king of the battle royale, not win one of the most royalest of rumbles? I have a lot of love for Jim Duggan, don’t get me wrong, but it is hard to argue that the sentence “winner of the first ever Royal Rumble dot dot dot” wouldn’t sound better with Andre The Giant at the end of it.

The first Rumble didn’t play into the plans for WrestleMania IV whatsoever but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have! Have Andre win the match just two weeks ahead of him winning the WWF title in the whole double Hebner shmozz and tell me this match wouldn’t be more memorable for it!

2 years ago by Tempest


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