10 WWE Stars Who Could Win Money In The Bank (Part One)

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

8. Andrade

I wrote a similar feature piece just under a year ago about who should win the 2019 Money in the Bank ladder match. The person that I felt would benefit from the win the most was Andrade.

If you ignore an unfortunate injury and a Wellness Policy violation, Andrade has been on a sort of roll as of late, managing to unseat Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship a few months ago.

It emerged that Andrade’s days as US Champion are numbered, and perhaps this is because the company, and Paul Heyman in particular, have big plans for the former NXT Champion.

Andrade and Zelina Vega’s gimmick and act really suits a run with the Money in the Bank briefcase. With Drew McIntyre now the WWE Champion, WWE has a real shot to have the Money in the Bank winner be the heel who will eventually unseat him, and Andrade would very much be suited to that role.

If Austin Theory is hanging around on the main roster, as has been speculated, WWE could have Theory and Garza as the tag team in Vega’s faction, allowing Andrade to drop the US title and move up the card into the main event.

7. Adam Cole

Adam Cole

Prior to NXT TakeOver being cancelled as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people speculated that Adam Cole would drop the NXT Championship to Velveteen Dream, freeing Undisputed Era to move up to either Raw or SmackDown.

Now with the TakeOver show not happening and Adam Cole seemingly in quarantine, it doesn’t look like a call-up is in the immediate future for the faction. However, here’s how they should be brought up.

I would not have Cole debut until the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, but it would be awesome to see Undisputed Era attack a babyface backstage, inserting Cole into the match, which he should ultimately win.

Cole as the heel with the Money in the Bank briefcase could make for some utterly gripping television, and the prospect of Adam Cole vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Champion at SummerSlam, in front of a huge crowd, is one I can definitely get behind.

6. Shayna Baszler

It is undeniable that Shayna Baszler should have won the women’s Royal Rumble match earlier this year. However, WWE seemingly corrected their mistake by giving Shayna an incredibly dominant win in the Elimination Chamber match.

As such, many expected Shayna Baszler to defeat Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. However, that isn’t what we got, and instead Becky retained her title in a rather quick match on the Saturday portion of the show.

WWE made the wrong call here, but they could partially correct their decision once again by having Shayna win the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match in dominating fashion.

Shayna Baszler is a scary person at the best of times, but a pissed of Baszler with the Money in the Bank briefcase is a far more frightening prospect. This is something WWE should consider if they don’t have Baszler defeat Lynch at Money in the Bank in a title rematch, which is what they probably should do.

That’s it for part one of this list, make sure you stay tuned to WrestleTalk.com and our various social media platforms to see part two which will feature five more entries in the coming days.

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