10 Wrestling Stars Who Used To Be Jobbers

4 years ago by Brian Joyce

2. Mick Foley

A man of many gimmicks, Mick Foley is considered one of the smartest workers, greatest talkers, and all-around best people to ever walk into the wrestling business. Before he was known for any of that, however, he was used as a jobber in the WWF.

Wrestling as Jack Foley, he and Les Thornton wrestled against The British Bulldogs on the September 13th, 1986 edition of Superstars. Foley was only wrestling his second ever match and the Bulldogs brutally beat him in this match. Foley suffered a dislocated jaw in the match as a result of a stiff clothesline and would take time to recover afterwards. This would be Foley’s only match in the WWF until his return nearly a decade later.

Foley also began working as a jobber of sorts in WCW as Cactus Jack. Jim Cornette and Kevin Sullivan were fans of Foley but were not allowed to book him to win matches, so they decided to book him to lose in enhancement tag matches where his partner would get beaten and Foley would attack the partner after the match. It was their backhanded way of getting Foley over in WCW and it worked as the audience became disinterested in Foley’s matches and were only interested in watching him drop his Cactus Jack elbow on his partner.

Foley would find success in Japan, ECW, and WWF following his departure from WCW and is remembered as the Hardcore Legend all over the world decades later.


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