10 Wrestling Stars Who Used To Be Jobbers

4 years ago by Brian Joyce

1. Matt Jackson

Years before Jackson became world famous as one half of the Young Bucks tag team alongside his brother Nick, he wrestled as an enhancement talent on two 2008 episodes of SmackDown. During Big Show’s rivalry with Undertaker, Big Show dispatched three unsuspecting jobbers in a knockout match, an “I Quit” match, and a Last Man Standing match respectively. The poor jobber who had to face Big Show in a Last Man Standing match was none other than future superstar Matt Jackson.

Jackson was unable to perform any of the flips and high-flying maneuvers that he and his brother have come to be known for and was soundly defeated when he was Chokeslammed through a table. Jackson’s other match as a jobber with WWE was against Chuck Palumbo where he was again dispatched effortlessly. This match came only three weeks after Palumbo’s heel turn and thus he was much more vicious than he would have been months earlier.

After 2008, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson would go on to wrestle all over the world as the Young Bucks and as members of the Bullet Club and The Elite. A long way from his television debut as a jobber with WWE.

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