10 WWE Superstars Who Should Move To NXT

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

10. Apollo Crews

An undoubtedly talented superstar, Apollo has just not found his groove. In 2016, Crews got drafted to the main roster, and he still has yet to provide that one standout moment.

What he lacks in promo ability however, he more than makes up for in his displays of incredible athleticism. However, his poor mic skills has made it difficult for him to connect with the audience. He hasn’t had a solid feud over the last three years and hasn’t had a noteworthy match that fans can look back on. As a result, a holding pattern is where Crews now finds himself.

Crews was arguably called up to the main roster far too soon, so a run back down in NXT could do wonders for him. Crews could take some time to work on his promo abilities and learn a bit more about storytelling. This move isn’t so much about great matches as it is more about developing a young superstar who no doubt has an enormous amount of untapped potential.

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