11 WrestleMania 38 Plans That Changed Significantly

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

11 WrestleMania 38 Plans That Changed Significantly Pat McAfee Show/WWE

The road to WrestleMania 38 has been one of the most chaotic ever when it comes to the amount of times WWE changed plans for its biggest event of the year.

It’s easy to say, “God, WWE is so unorganised”, and yes, you are right, but not everything has been WWE’s fault, as there have been injuries, unexpected returns and other things out of the company’s control that have resulted in alternate routes having to be taken.

Whether it be an uncontrollable circumstance or just Vince waking up and going, “Goddammit pal, change that”, there have been enough significant alterations to the card to make a whole list out of, and, as luck would have it, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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