12 Disappointing Title Reigns In 2018

3 years ago by WrestleTalk

12. Marty “The Moth” Martinez – Lucha Underground Champion [Lucha Underground]

So Lucha Underground came and went in 2018. The overall season was solid, but the budget cuts and shorter season really hurt the overall programming of the promotion.

Which is where Marty “The Moth” Martinez comes into play. I was neutral in the way Martinez won the title. If you missed it, Martinez cashed in the Gifts of the Gods on a weaken Pentagon Dark after the champ went through his match against King Cuerno.

Marty has never really been portrayed as the opportunistic heel, but I played the wait and see game in-order to make my final judgment.

Due to the season being cut short, Martinez was never really given a chance to shine in the role as Lucha Underground champion. I was never invested in seeing Marty lose the title because he wasn’t built up as a credible threat.

Martinez could’ve been a fun champion. While his championship match against his “sister” Mariposa showed just how twisted and sick the new champion is, Martinez needed a lengthy run in order for the fans to really want to see him taken down by a babyface.

So it was disappointing when Martinez lost the title back to Pentagon Dark at Ultima Lucha 4. His title reign ultimately turned out to be meaningless and a waste of time.

Speaking of title reigns that were a waste of time…


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