12 Most Bizarre Matches From WWE Extreme Rules

11 months ago by Brian Joyce

12 Most Bizarre Matches From WWE Extreme Rules

With WWE having put on a dozen Extreme Rules pay-per-views, it could be expected that some of the matches haven’t lived up to the show’s extreme monicker.

The early years of the event had different stipulations for every match ranging from violent to ridiculous. Unfortunately, many of the latter have found their way onto this list.

In the 12 years since the inception of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, some of these matches have gotten very bizarre. For various reasons, as well.

Some make this list because of nonsensical stipulations, others for wacky finishes, and some just because the story told in the match just don’t make no snense.

Regardless of the reasons for their inclusion, these are the 12 most bizarre matches from WWE Extreme Rules.

12. Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton – Extreme Rules 2015

Randy Orton being Seth Rollins’ first challenger for the WWE Championship made all the sense in the world. He had just beaten him at WrestleMania and was an established main event star.

However, the match they had could not have been made more complicated if they had tried. Orton gave the match a Steel Cage stipulation, which was by far the most normal thing about it.

The Authority then added Kane as the “Guardian of the Gate”, a classic YuGiOh card that.

But Seth Rollins banned the RKO from being used in the match. Not only did this kill most of the crowd engagement but it also led to one very messed up finish. As things broke down Rollins hit the RKO and won.

Wasn’t it banned? Was it banned for just Orton? Did Rollins just disqualify himself? Who knows? Needlessly complicated this was.

11. Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Jack Swagger – Extreme Rules 2011

Who doesn’t want to see three announcers wrestle? The better question is “who does”? On pay-per-view, no less. People had to pay to watch this “match” and that is what is truly offensive about it.

Amidst Michael Cole’s insufferable heel commentator run from 2010-2012, he had a feud with Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross. At Extreme Rules, the Hall of Fame duo took on Cole and Jack Swagger in a Country Whipping Match.

They just had straps. Michael Cole came out wrapped in bubble wrap. And only two men involved were trained wrestlers and one of them was 61. Just a mess.

10. Asuka vs. Carmella – Extreme Rules 2018

WWE sure had an obsession with Shark Cage matches for a while, didn’t they?

An average stipulation at best, WWE fans were forced to be distracted by James Ellsworth hanging above the ring for this Women’s Championship match.

The same Asuka who was undefeated in NXT for two years was now unable to beat Carmella with Ellsworth hanging above the ring. Not only was this bad, it was also disheartening to see Asuka in this position.


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