13 Sexiest Moments In WWE History

4 years ago by WrestleTalk

12. Triple H Teaches Wrestling

In terms of storytelling, WWE did some of its best work in 2000 under the auspices of the late Chris Kreski.

One of the most absorbing angles was a love triangle involving Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle, one of the finest examples of soap opera and wrestling being melded together you are likely to see.

During a segment on SmackDown Triple H was teaching Trish Stratus some moves, including a hammerlock and a reversal where Trish bent over to grab Triple H’s leg.

Just as she was doing that Hunter’s wife Stephanie walked in and caught them in the middle of the uncompromising position.

It was subtle yet memorable. So much so that WWE parodied it themselves 12 years later on the bumper Raw 1000 special:


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