3 Things That SHOULD Happen At WWE SummerSlam, And 3 That Absolutely SHOULD NOT

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Andrade & Angel Garza SHOULD Win The Raw Tag Team Championship

Tonight, the Street Profits defend the Raw Tag Team Championship against Zelina Vega’s sexy Mexican blokes, and we should really be seeing a title change here.

The Profits have held the titles since March, and their reign hasn’t really set the world alight, largely due to a lack of depth in the tag division.

There had been a lot of tension building between Andrade and Garza that played out over a number of weeks, but they’ve managed to get on the same page enough to qualify for number one contendership, and should continue that momentum.

And it should be Zelina Vega who gets a lot of praise for managing to get the tandem together. That doesn’t mean she should physically be the reason they win via an interference, but her work in getting them on the same page should be put over as the deciding factor.

Plus, Garza is a future top level star and a tag title reign this early in his career won’t hurt at all.

Sonya Deville SHOULD NOT Beat Mandy Rose

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose have had a rough week. Deville’s home was broken into by an alleged stalker while Rose was in there with her, and luckily they escaped.

Their match at SummerSlam tonight was originally going to be Hair vs Hair, but this Friday on SmackDown it was changed to a no disqualification ‘loser leaves WWE’ match.

Now we don’t know the exact reason for the change right now, but it would seem a safe assumption that it’s to give Deville some time off after that traumatic experience.

And that is time off that is very much deserved, and could work out for the better. With all the stuff with Banks and Bayley, where would Deville go from here if she wins? Rose has the relationship with Otis, so she can stay on TV with that.

Deville has easily been one of the most impressive performers in recent months, so while it’s a shame that momentum would have to end, it means she can come back when she’s in a better place and make a huge impact.

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