4 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Vs. Riddle Is A Much Bigger Match Than You Realize

1 week ago by Muscle Man Malcolm


4. Reigns’ First One-On-One Match Since December On TV

Roman Reigns signed a new contract that him to work fewer dates, essential a part-time schedule.

A lot of fans feel different about his new schedule but if it adds longevity to his career and allows him to still be a full-time father to his children then it checks out in my books.

Surprisingly this match against Riddle will be Reigns’ first one-on-one match in quite some time.

The last time we saw Reigns compete on a Friday night he put his Universal Championship on the line against now “unofficial” Bloodline member, Sami Zayn, on the December 3, 2021 episode of SmackDown.

This defense was short-lived as The Usos jumped Zayn before the match and Reigns made quick work of Zayn with a spear and submitted him in the Guillotine choke.


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