5 Dream Opponents For FTR in AEW

5 Dream Opponents For FTR in AEW

Recently FTR (FKA The Revival) arrived in All Elite Wrestling – helping out The Young Bucks. Their attackers, Butcher & Blade, look to be the first opponents of FTR in an AEW ring.

With one of the strongest Tag Team Divisions in the world, Butcher & Blade will likely be the start of many dream matches to come for FTR in AEW.

FTR’s old-school style should mesh nicely with the variety of uniques teams in AEW, so here are five dream opponents for AEW’s newest tag team.

5. Proud and Powerful

During their IMPACT tenure, the former LAX opened many eyes with their explosive and high-flying style. Their matches with Pentagon and Rey Fenix stole many a show, illustrating that they have the ability to be one of the top teams in the world.

In AEW Ortiz and Santana, being part of The Inner Circle, have yet to catch that same fire. Despite good matches with the Young Bucks, Proud and Powerful have mostly taken a backseat in the tag division.

A feud with FTR could benefit both teams and boost them in fan appreciation. Their brawling style could be an excellent introduction to Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, showing that they can fight as well as out-grapple you.

4. Best Friends

When Trent Barretta was let go by WWE in 2013, Harwood was just starting out so the two teams never got a chance to wrestle one another.

Barretta and Chuck Taylor currently rank No.1 in the Tag Team Rankings behind the champions. The duo, accompanied by Orange Cassidy, is hotter than ever.

With FTR wanting to get noticed and Best Friends to remain on top of the division, this could make for an incredible match. The goofy nature of the Best Friends would also be a great contrast with the ultra-serious demeanour of FTR, giving them the perfect chance to establish their characters to the AEW audience.

3. Lucha Bros.

Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. are an incredible tandem, this is known among fans and wrestlers alike.

They are currently in a bit of a holding pattern as Pentagon is stuck in Mexico during the pandemic and their stablemate PAC is stuck in England. When things get back to normal, rest assured you will see this match.

It is safe to say that FTR and Lucha Bros. in a ring would create magic and that would probably be exactly what the Lucha Bros. need right now. It has been a while since the Lucha Bros. had a featured match on pay per view and one with would FTR would fix that problem nicely.

2. SCU (Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

SCU are veterans on their field and also the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions. They are not the champions anymore, but they are still are a regular part of AEW Dynamite and a clash of generations with Harwood and Wheeler could make some waves.

While FTR have such a unqiue style, no team in AEW has done this longer than SCU, especially the pairing of Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. They would likely have the most similar style to that of these newcomers of anyone on this list, making for some very intriguing possibilities.

In the end, however, any combination of SCU vs. FTR promises to be a form of art.

1. The Young Bucks

This is the obvious one right?

For years now #FTR has been part of the ‘Being The Elite’ series on YouTube. The professional rivalry between The Young Bucks and FTR has been going for quite some time and fans have been driven to see these two forces in a ring. For years many thought this match would never happen. The Bucks themselves said it would probably never happen. Yet here we are.

Considering both BTE and AEW have been teasing this match, it appears to be an inevitability. When it will happen? Who knows, but this match is coming.

Both teams claim to be the best tag team in the entire world. It is time to find out who is right.

Who do you want to see FTR face in AEW? Let us know on Twitter!

4 years ago by Daniel Schachtmeier



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