5 Iconic Looks Cody Rhodes Could Resurrect During His Return To WWE

5. Dashing AND Undashing Cody Rhodes

In 2010 after being drafted to SmackDown while his former Legacy stablemates, Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr. remained on RAW, Rhodes had an opportunity to strike out as a singles star in with a new gimmick, the “most handsome superstar” identified in a poll of the WWE Divas which portrayed Cody as a narcissistic bully who also happened to be hilarious. With vignettes that gave fans grooming tips, Dashing Cody could be easily updated to today’s social media-obsessed wrestling world with Cody sharing satirical lessons on becoming popular on Twitter and getting fans to cheer for you. 

Conversely, known for hurling vicious insults at the crowd when Cody literally broke his nose in a match with Rey Mysterio, he was off television for several months due to this “disfigurement.” Upon his return, he wore a clear protective mask and touted the moniker of ‘Undashing’ and the evolution of the character became much funnier. It was the ‘Undashing’ Cody Rhodes who not only used the mask to his advantage during matches but he also had assistants hand out paper bags to the crowd because they were so hideous, they offended him in a move that would absolutely still get that coveted #heelheat to this day.

While Cody has said he does not want to be a heel related to both Fatherhood and his charitable work, the paper bag gimmick is just too good to not be included.

2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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