5 Possible Causes Of The SmackDown ‘Glitches’

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

5 Possible Causes Of The SmackDown ‘Glitches’

Over the last couple of weeks on WWE SmackDown there have been a number of screen glitches scattered throughout the shows.

As of now, WWE hasn’t acknowledged them either on social media or on TV, but they’re evidently building to something, so what better to do than speculate?

Many things, but we’ll speculate anyway.

Before we start, please don’t this list too seriously, it’s just a bit of fun!

Killer Kross

This has been by far the most circulated rumour so far when it comes to these glitches so let’s get it out the way early.

Kross recently signed with WWE after finally being let out of his Impact contract, and according to reports, his WWE deal includes a “fast track”.

We don’t know exactly what that terminology means, so again people speculate, but one of the theories is that he will be able to ‘skip’ NXT and jump straight to Raw or SmackDown for his debut.

His dark demeanour, coupled with his cryptic social media activity certainly makes him a candidate.

Mustafa Ali

With all the available resources, it can probably be argued that at this point Ali is the most likely candidate.

As eagle-eyed Twitter users have pointed out, a still image of the ‘glitch’ matches the design on the inside of the light-up glove he wears for his entrance.

Since his push last year was derailed due to an injury, he hasn’t regained that momentum, and hasn’t even wrestled on SmackDown TV in 2020 yet.

A repackaging, as random as this might seem, could be what is needed to revitalise his career.

Matt Hardy

Right I’ve got my tin foil hat on for this one so please don’t hurt me.

Hardy was seemingly written off TV two weeks ago on Raw when Randy Orton gave him a con-chair-to in the middle of the ring. But then he got better and came back just a week later.

Then Orton did it again, only this time multiple times and on steel steps. So basically attempted murder.

With Hardy’s contract expiring on March 1, it seems extremely likely he’ll be leaving, and at this point the most probable destination is AEW as the “exalted one” of the Dark Order.

But what if this is all a game and Hardy is going to re-sign with WWE and reappear in a newly invigorated broken/woken/misspoken/Newton’s laws of motion/whatever else rhymes with those things, persona?

Probably not, but this list needed filling out somehow.

Kevin Dunn

Despite not being the man that presses the buttons backstage anymore, every technical problem WWE has is blamed on Dunn because he’s the only name and face we know for that role.

He is also mocked for his teeth, because they are big. I do not advocate for the mocking of someone’s appearance. That sort of thing can be very hurtful.

But maybe his massive teeth knocked the wrong switch or something.

Speckles The Mole In Erick Rowan’s Cage

What on earth is in that bloody cage? We are probably never going to find out, but what if it’s Speckles, the hacker mole thing from the movie G-Force?

Speckles betrayed his guinea pig pals and planted chips to hack into stuff to cause a “massive planetwide bombardment of space debris pulled from orbit to make the planet surface uninhabitable”, which sounds just like something an accomplice of Erick Rowan would do, doesn’t it?

So maybe that’s what he’s doing to SmackDown.

I’m sorry for wasting your time.

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