5 Predictions For NJPW In 2021

2 years ago by Sonal Lad


2. Another Bullet Club Civil War

As much as we do not want to see it, a second Bullet Club Civil war almost seems inevitable now. A battle for leadership and power is something that has been evident within the history of the faction. More recently, we saw the power struggle between Kenny Omega and Cody in 2018. This leadership battle resulted in the Tongans having enough orchestrated a civil war between the Elite and Firing Squad.

When EVIL betrayed Los Ingobernables in 2020 and joined the faction, things started to see off from the get-go. It seemed as if the King of Darkness’s ego was too much to allow someone else to lead him again. Fans saw the rocky relationship between EVIL and Bullet Club’s leader Jay White straight away.

Both believe that they are the best in New Japan. There also seems to be a distinct split between members of the faction with Yujiro being on team EVIL with Chase and KENTA with Jay. As always, the other members seem to have no allegiance yet, but this could change over time and serve to increase the tension within the faction even more.

The status of Jay White in New Japan is far from certain. However, there is no doubt that he will not want any unfinished business with EVIL. It is time to end any animosity within the group for good. Hopefully, New Japan will go forward with a permanently united Bullet Club from now on.

1. SANADA Finally Wins Singles Gold

Over the years, people have had many opinions on SANADA. Some have praised his in-ring work but criticised his character. Others have never seen him as champion material. Yet, there is no doubt that the Cold Skull has improved tremendously recently.

He has had stand out matches against Kazuchika Okada alongside other top stars in the company show that his in-ring style has flourished. Also, although he has never been a big speaker, SANADA has created his own identity when he holds the microphone forming a connection with the audience.

In particular, over the past few months, fans have also seen a more passionate side to SANADA. From his short-lived feud against former tag-team partner EVIL and his run of success during last year’s G1 have shown a new side to the once cool, calm and collected Cold Skull. With all of this improvement, SANADA deserves a title reign more than many people on the roster.

However, this win will probably not happen whilst challenging Kota Ibushi for the double titles during the New Beginnings Tour. If the Cold Skull continues to gain momentum, it may be a big tournament win that is the key to success. No matter how it happens, many fans will be happy to finally see SANADA climb to the top of New Japan and become the face of the company.

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