5 Reasons to Love Wrestling: Ep. 8

5 Reasons to Love Wrestling: Ep. 8

Welcome, again, to the Love In! I’m your host and resident Jeff Bridges look-alike, Cody Brooks and this is 5 Reasons to Love Wrestling.

Now, if you read the High 5 this week we talked about music in wrestling. Music is my second love outside of men in tights beating each other senseless. Think about how much music effects us all. From when we hit adolescence we nearly define who we are by the music we listen to. The clothes we wear, the people we hang out with etc… all based on the music scene we choose when we’re younger.

Think also about descriptions of sub-cultures. Punk kids, scene kids, goths, psychobilly cats, and too many more too name all defined by a musical genre. Ever since our ancestors beat on animal skins, the rhythm has moved us onward, inspired us, made us feel, and has been so important to our lives. Just like the artist who create masterpieces on a song sheet so too do sports entertainers create in the ring.

In fact, wrestling has been there even longer than my own musical choices. Wrestling has been with most of us when we were still listening too whatever our parents made us listen too. With my dad it was Steely Dan and SRV and me ma was all about Salt-N-Pepa. I still know way too many words to Whatta Man.

Like music, wrestling will never leave you or be to busy for you. Wrestling, as a form of narrative, can be like a good song in that it teaches us about life and ourselves a little. Therefore, if music is SO important and wrestling has been there for us even longer, let’s take a moment to celebrate beats and rhythms of the mat and what makes us love wrestling this week.

6 years ago by Cody Brooks


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