5 Things We’d Love To See In WWE 2K23

5 months ago by Andy Datson

5. Bring Back Story Creator

Let me take you back eight years to a time when no-one had even heard of Logan Paul. I know, it’s hard to believe there was a time like that, but I am talking about 2014.

WWE 2K14 had a gem of a feature some of you will remember called “Story Creator”, in which you could make segments using hundreds of different animations and add your own subtitles to them and make a story out of it.

It was a lot of fun, and while not one of the game’s main features, it was a really nice way to take a break from cage matches and ladder matches when you just wanted to have a less violent time.

I mean, they’ve done it before, so just throw the old code into the computer machine and press the old update to 2023 button.

You can tell I’m a computer nerd.


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