5 Ways WWE Can Combat AEW

5 Ways WWE Can Combat AEW

AEW has the hype and attention of almost every wrestling fan. Some fans want AEW to succeed and put WWE out of business. Other fans want AEW to fail and prove WWE is the best.

Most fans though want two top wrestling promotions that both push each other to be better. This is a list of five ways the WWE can improve its product to compete with the excitement of AEW.

1) Less Pay-Per-Views

WWE has too many pay-per-views. Sometimes you can get three in the space of a month. Which usually gives about one, maybe two, weeks of Raw or SmackDown to create a match for it. No wonder we see the same matches on consecutive pay-per-views.

WWE doesn’t give itself enough time to build new talent for pay per views and title matches. Less pay-per-views would solve a lot of the fans’ issues with the current product.

2) More House Shows On The Network

WWE should have more house shows, to make up for less of pay-per-views. Put them on the Network and make sure the audience has a reason to watch.

Check out my list on how to improve Network special house shows. Essentially you have huge moments like dream matches or title changes to draw the audience in.

3) Tell Better Stories

WWE needs a better creative approach to its storylines. It seems like the current fans only get excited for the match, rather than the feud as a whole.

Modern wrestling focuses more on the sport rather than the entertainment aspect. WWE is all about the entertainment within the sport.

WWE needs to return to its roots with storylines that draw the audience into matches.

4) Titles Hold Prestige

WWE needs to stop long-term feuds and swapping champions as often as it does. It needs long-term champions with consistent fresh competition for the title.

The same match every pay-per-view and constantly swapping champions between two superstars is getting boring. Every division in WWE needs fresh faces competing for titles.

5) Let Wrestlers Perform To Their Potential

WWE potentially has the best wrestling roster in the world,, but just won’t let the main roster perform to the level to prove it.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling will get five star ratings from their biggest matches. NXT TakOvers have that potential too. The WWE main roster struggles to get there.

This is because they are held back by the demand of weekly shows and more-than-monthly pay-per-views. The most important thing WWE can do is let their roster perform the best matches they can. That alone will combat AEW and return WWE to its former glory.

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