6 AEW Plans For Shane McMahon Debut

6 AEW Plans For Shane McMahon Debut WWE/AEW

Shane McMahon has allegedly reached out to current AEW talent in regards to potentially joining the company, just in case the world of professional wrestling in 2024 wasn’t crazy enough for you already.

Despite all the crazy things that have happened in the wrestling world in recent years, a McMahon gracing AEW television is still something that seems impossible, but it may not be.

Could we see Shane McMahon become ‘All Elite’ soon, and better yet, what role would he take on in Tony Khan’s company?

Here are 6 potential Shane McMahon AEW debut plans.

6) Feud With Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia almost feels like a name that I pulled out of a hat, but a simple story that makes sense is right there.

Garcia’s past few years have found him become torn between being a ‘sports entertainer’ and a ‘professional wrestler’, with him currently settled as a hybrid of the two.

Shane McMahon is the son of the man who coined the phrase ‘Sports Entertainment’, so him taking on a role similar to that of Chris Jericho in the JAS, and attempting to ‘Sports Entertainment’-ify AEW would make Garcia an easy enemy of his.

Speaking of Jericho…

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