6 Best Choices For Interim AEW World Champion During CM Punk’s Injury Absence

6. Adam Page

Fans were pretty split when it came to the decision to have CM Punk beat Adam Page for the AEW World Title at Double Or Nothing.

While there were people who saw the obvious business benefits to Punk being world champion, there were also the more hardcore AEW fans who wanted to see the AEW original beat the ex-WWE guy.

Ultimately, Punk winning was absolutely the right choice, but this would be a chance for Page to rebound and prove he’s still at the top level rather than just sinking back down to the midcard.

The only issue is, you would assume the interim champion will likely lose to Punk when he’s back, and perhaps having Page lose to Punk twice isn’t the best idea.

2 years ago by Liam Winnard


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