6 Biggest Takeaways From WWE WrestleMania Backlash

2 years ago by Lewis Burzynski

6 Biggest Takeaways From WWE WrestleMania Backlash

6. Zombies

No, you aren’t watching the hundredth season of The Walking Dead. WrestleMania Backlash featured a load of Lumber-zombies as part of the Damian Priest vs The Miz match.

This was one of the biggest talking points of the entire show but not for the right reasons. It was nonsensical, stupid and very embarrassing to call yourself a fan at that particular moment. The zombies even knew the rules of a Lumberjack and controlled their brain-eating habits until after the match.

It makes it even more ridiculous that it was only done to promote Zack Snyder’s ‘Army of the Dead’ which features Batista. Which, may I point out, already had a ton of promotion throughout the show.

Damian Priest beat the Miz, who was then swarmed by the apocalypse post-match. It is reported that Priest is in store for big things, leading many to believe he will win this year’s Money In The Bank or have a title opportunity in the near future. As long as he is far away from the undead and Miz & Morrison as humanly possible!

At least this was the only tiresome part of this show. WrestleMania Backlash further proved to be the second Grandest Stage of Them All with the other Takeaways.

5. Rhea Ripley Retains Raw Women’s Championship

The main show kicked off with an incredible three-way for the Raw Women’s Championship.

With Rhea Ripley, Charlotte Flair and Asuka all in one ring, what else would you expect? The match was intense, including many multi-women manoeuvres like a huge double superplex from the top rope. Plus, Charlotte managed to implement a double Natural Selection but even that wasn’t enough to reach another Flair title win.

Ripley retained after a cracking opener. It’ll be intriguing to see where the Nightmare heads next at Hell In A Cell.

Additionally, with Charlotte looking quite warped at the end of the match, it’ll be interesting to see if she enters a feud with Alexa Bliss and Lilly soon.

4. Rey & Dominik Mysterio Win SmackDown Tag Team Championship

During the pre-show, Dominik Mysterio was viciously attacked by the Dirty Dawgs. This put a lot of pressure on their pivotal SmackDown Tag Team Title encounter.

Rey Mysterio had to start the match off without his son by his side. He had to survive for about 10 minutes before his son came to the rescue. Well, I say rescue… The hot tag was rather cold as he was instantly caught by Robert Roode.

At least the end was very wholesome with the Mysterios capturing the Tag Team Title, becoming the first father & son tag champs.

This should lead to some thrilling matches against the Street Profits and hopefully, the Usos!

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