6 Potential Winners Of WWE Queen Of The Ring 2023

3 months ago by Ryan Coogan



Shotzi hasn’t had the best time on the main roster since being called up to the main roster in 2021, which is weird, because she was great on NXT.

A lot of people try to reduce the former Blackheart to her entrance – which is admittedly incredible – and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing here today.

Shotzi needs a big win to regain some of the badass mystique that she courted on NXT, this is true.

Winning a major tournament against the rest of the Raw and SmackDown women’s midcard would certainly achieve that.

But what she needs even more is a solid gold tank and a long cape that trails behind her while she drives that tank into the arena. Oh! And a helmet/crown hybrid. And maybe a throne shaped like a tank?

Okay, enough playing dress up. All hail Queen Shotzi.

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