7 WWE Stars To Turn Babyface

7 WWE Stars To Turn Babyface WWE

The WWE forecast for the rest of 2024 sees the potential for several long-term heels to finally turn babyface.

It’s typically far easier to pick out babyfaces to turn heel, but at present WWE has so many men and women on the verge of a significant change in character.

While not all of these may come to fruition right away, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see them by the time 2024 comes to a close.

Let’s start this list off with a potential major overhaul to one of WWE’s top factions.

7. Damian Priest

The World Heavyweight Champion is pushing to win his matches all by himself and has recently also insisted that he wants to do his promos by himself too.

This comes off the back of massive criticism by media and fans that The Judgment Day is holding Priest back as a credible main-eventer.

While that is debatable, what can’t be argued is the crucial role the group has played in keeping Priest on top of Monday Night Raw thus far as champion.

Priest clearly believes he can do without the group however, shown by his willingness to forfeit his spot in The Judgment Day if he loses to Seth Rollins.

This has led stablemate Finn Balor to believe that Damian Priest has changed – the first glimpse at a possible new future for the outlaw.

Despite still being booed fairly heavily by the livc crowd, Priest has shown glimpses of a babyface turn the far in his World Title reign, and if he splits from The Judgment Day that would push him even further towards the light side.

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2 weeks ago by Daniel Schachtmeier



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