7 New Members For Kairi Sane & IYO SKY WWE Faction

7 New Members For Kairi Sane & IYO SKY WWE Faction WWE, @MariahMayx

On a night that saw John Cena’s annihilated by Solo Sikoa and Logan Paul winning his first piece of WWE gold, arguably the biggest talking point of Crown Jewel 2023 was the return of Kairi Sane to the company.

While Sane’s return was widely reported online, it was the manner in which she returned that was the true surprise.

The Pirate Princess immediately aligned herself with WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY, helping her defeat Bianca Belair and retain her title.

While SKY has been aligned with Bayley and Dakota Kai in Damage CTRL for well over a year it seems as if that the Genius of the Sky may be ready to move on to something new.

And that new thing may in fact be a brand new faction, something WWE are reportedly planning now that Sane has entered the picture on SmackDown.

The question is obviously who? Who who could soon join forces with them in the near future? Allow us to run through seven potential options WWE could take.

7. Bayley


Now, this may seem silly considering the Role Model’s bemused expression when Kairi Sane showed up at Crown Jewel.

But maybe despite the direction WWE seem to be going there is still a chance Bayley may not be kicked to the curb by SKY after all?

Yes, this is highly unlikely, especially with WWE clearly leaning into Bayley’s unsavory history with Sane, namely her attack on the former NXT Women’s Champion in July 2020, which was the last sighting of Sane in her first run in WWE.

However, Bayley has been a loyal friend to SKY, and has surprised pretty much everyone who have been awaiting a seemingly inevitable betrayal once SKY became Women’s Champion at SummerSlam.

So, maybe this loyalty will in fact count for something and SKY will attempt to make peace between Bayley and Sane rather than simply kicking the former to the curb.

By ridding herself of Damage CTRL, SKY only creates more numbers against her, so even if its just temporary it would be wiser for the trio, or at least two thirds of it, to remain together.

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